16.00 - 17.00 Thursday 30 October

Room: Exchange 8/9/10

Carers and the Care Act 2014 - Challenge and opportunity

Chair: David Brindle, Guardian

Main Participants:

Sandie Keene (Immediate Past President of ADASS)
Helena Herklots, Chief Executive, Carers UK
Kate Keays, Carer, Former Carer and local volunteer supporting other carers in West Sussex

The Care Act 2014 will change the way that support to families is provided and will introduce new rights for carers of all ages.  With an ever pressing demographic situation and a challenging budget settlement, how will and are local authorities going to “square the circle” of providing more support within ever tighter resources and how can they harness the support of families in the right way.  This session will focus firmly on all participants in the room “getting it right” for families – sharing solutions across the audience and using the experience of the panel.  Each speaker will provide an answer to a critical question on new service development and integration, developing a market place for care, technological solutions for prevention and integration – all based firmly in practice and delivery.  We will be focussing on solutions which are developed with families who care.  The session will also help launch new results of work with local authorities looking at t heir key challenges around carers and the Care Act 2014 and how they expect to resolve them.