09.00 - 10.00 Thursday 30 October

Room: Charter 4

Making Adult Safeguarding Personal

Chair: Mike Briggs, Co-Chair, ADASS Safeguarding Network

Main Participants:

Cathie Williams, Principal Advisor, LGA
Joan McHugh, SSAB Development Manager, Solihull

Safeguarding adults remains a key area of developing practice and a key factor in ensuring effective sector led improvement.  In the run up to the changes to adult safeguarding outlined in the Care Act, this joint ADASS and LGA session will examine the sector-led initiatives that are making safeguarding more effective in terms of reducing abuse and neglect, improving the experience of adults who need safeguarding, and, crucially, achieving the outcomes that adults want.  It will include an outline of the learning from the high profile 'Making Safeguarding Personal' project, including a presentation on the difference made locally from one participating authority, Solihull.  As well as outlining the current position in legislation, policy and practice via a short presentation, the majority of the session will allow for attendees to share their good practice, learning and key issues via discussion and group work.