National Children and Adult Services Conference 2014
Programme Thursday 30 October 2014
09.00 - 10.00  Policy Sessions 
TP1 - A preventative approach to creating a large scale step reduction in levels of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence
  TP2 - A new settlement for Social Care and Health
  TP3 - Use of Resources: finding cashable efficiencies in adult social care
  TP4 - Making Adult Safeguarding Personal 
  TP5 - Decision making in social care: making best use of evidence 
  TP6 - Achieving for Children: The Future Model for Children's Services 
10.35 - 11.35  Sub Plenary Sessions 
  TSP1 - Social Work Reform: progress, opportunities and challenges 
  TSP2 -Commissioning for better outcomes 
  TSP3 -  Question Time on the future of education
11.40 - 12.40  Innovation Sessions 
  TI1 - Relationship based social work practice - Delivering change and driving improvement for children and families at lower cost 
  TI2 - Complaints - a threat or opportunity
  TI3 - Living without violence - supporting children/adults who have experienced domestic violence 
  TI4 - Special Educational Needs - the new legal framework 
  TI5 - Better Care Technology 
  TI6 - The Adoption Support Fund Prototype - making a difference to the lives of adopters and adopted children 
16.15 - 17.15 Policy Sessions
TP7 - Carers and the Care Bill - challenge and opportunity
  TP8 - Political leadership in challenging times
  TP9 - Market Oversight and Provider Failure
  TP10 - What next for personalisation? A renewed sector-wide commitment to delivering personalised, community based support
  TP11 - Raising the Participation Age, one year on
  TP12 - Improving transition for young people with complex needs: learning from Sense's direct practice