London Borough of Newham

Title of Session: Building resilience in older people and adults with disabilities

With growing pressure on budgets and rising needs, new approaches are required which support older people, adults with disabilities and their carers to remain independent but are low cost and defray costs.

This session describes the development of Community Hubs in Newham which are building community resilience.  They have been created by amalgamating the budgets and services from libraries, community centres, youth, leisure and public health.  They engage residents in identifying priorities and ensure they are delivered from the single Hubs budget.  The Hubs are creating a network across the public and third sector which forms the base on which specific initiatives to support customers have been created.

To illustrate how resilience is being built and costs defrayed, two initiatives will be highlighted:

  • trained volunteers are provided to support non-FACs eligible customers when their carers are unavailable to offer support.  The scheme offers befriending, sitting, escorting, home from hospital support etc.
  • Link Workers in the Hubs support customers to stay healthy and delay the need for more intensive services, to get involved in activities and reduce isolation and to support people to make friends and build their social network.

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