This joint report summarises and brings together the findings of two separate pieces of work undertaken in the autumn of 2017, looking at the work and workforce of Adult Social Care in Mental Health services, and at Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs) in particular. The first piece was commissioned by NHS England and undertaken by the NHS Benchmarking Network as part of a wider stocktake of community mental health services, and the second was done on behalf of ADASS to examine the AMHP activity in depth.

Its aim is to inform local and national understanding in this vital area of practice in the context of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health, the independent review of the Mental Health Act commissioned by the Prime Minister, and future priorities. This is particularly timely with the development of local Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), and the report strengthens the case for NHS and Local Authority mental health services to work together closely within these evolving structures to improve care and support for local communities. To support this, throughout this report are questions that local leaders can ask of their own services to inform themselves of challenges and issues experienced locally in order to co-design solutions across partnerships. In addition, where local authorities look part in the two surveys (workforce and AMHP practice), individual reports with comparisons for their area have been prepared and will be distributed to each local authority. Local authority data will also be included in the bespoke reports for STPs prepared by the NHS Benchmarking Network.

Margaret Willcox - ADASS President

Stephen Watkins - Director, NHS Benchmarking Network


Please see below to download the full report.