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Welcome to the Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol policy page.

Mental Health is a key component of well-being and it is common for people with mental health difficulties to experience poor social outcomes. As well as poor mental health driving social care need, people with social care needs may also experience poorer mental health alongside drug and alcohol use, hence the priority that this has as a policy areas within ADASS.

The Mental Health Policy Network is lead by Directors of Adult Social Care and has good engagement with Regional ADASS Mental Health Leads, AMHP Leads, and key stakeholders including TLAP, BASW, and other leaders in mental health social care.
Priorities include looking at new models of care and different ways of work, mental health prevention and preparing for key changes in Legislation such as the Mental Health Act reforms.

Find the latest news, key documents and blogs of the network here in one place.  







The documents on this page have been produced and/or shared by the Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol (MHDA) Network. If you have any queries please contact the author or policy / regional chair of the network that produced the document.