Below are a number of references to the Association made recently in the media. It is not comprehensive, and does not include re-tweets nor the innumerable mentions of ADASS on Twitter.

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David Pearson

BBC north west

Social Care and A and E

Wednesday January


David Pearson

Thursday January 29

Social Care and A and E

BBC News 8.00 and 9.00


David Pearson

You and Yours

Friday January 30

Winterbourne View


David Pearson

DoLS standards - costs

Confidence shaken in Care Act funding

Local Government Chronicle

Subs only

February 3


Cathie Williams



February 3 2015


January 26


Case backlog leaves ‘worryingly high’ number of people deprived of liberty without authorisation, warns CQC

January 30

Municipal Journal

Winterbourne View

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