I am very pleased to introduce this important piece of development work which we commissioned earlier this year. Safeguarding adults at risk of abuse or neglect is one of the most important things that Social Services and their partners do and remains one of our top priorities at ADASS. We have championed the person-centred and outcomes focussed approach that is Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) for a number of years and wanted to check on its progress as well as to help and encourage people to embed it within their authorities and with their boards and partners.

The work itself was very wide-ranging, achieving coverage of 76% of English local authorities through in depth interviews with their safeguarding leads. When compared to previous MSP evaluations, the results revealed much progress with a positive picture of dedication and innovation. The vast majority of those interviewed had built MSP into their mainstream services and were achieving better outcomes for people needing care and support who had experienced abuse or neglect.

However some areas are still struggling to make headway with MSP and some have stalled and the approach itself has only gained limited traction within partner agencies such as the police and NHS. So there is still much to do. The comprehensive recommendations offer a practical way forward and many examples of good practice are given where people are willing to share them with others. ADASS will be actively working to support Directors and I would encourage you to read and use this report within your own locality and region.


Margaret Willcox

ADASS Vice President