September 2018

Introduction & Summary

1. The Association of Directors of Adults Social Services (ADASS) welcomes the opportunity to submit this response to the Local Government Association’s (LGA) Adult Social Care and Wellbeing Green Paper – The Lives We Want to Lead. We would like to place on record our thanks to the LGA for providing a platform by which views from those within the sector and who use adult social care can share their opinions about what reform could look like.

2. We are of the opinion that the government’s Adult Social Care Green Paper should not just be about older people, there are many people requiring support from social care of a working age alongside young people with profound disabilities moving into adulthood. We need something that works for all generations.

3. The 2014 Care Act provided a sound basis for change, with very little disagreement across the sector about the principles contained within it. However, its introduction came at a time when there was insufficient public funding available to implement it in full.

4. ADASS has repeatedly warned government that funding reductions in social care would lead to fewer people getting less care, provider failure, and would impact on the NHS. It is equally the case that much needed investment in prevention, digital technology and wellbeing services is being hindered by ongoing reductions to adult social care and wider council services.

5. We must have ambition. Social care has been broken for too long. It’s not good enough for our parents, our families, us, to have inadequate care to enable us to lead good lives and die good deaths. It’s not good enough that care work compares to work in supermarkets. It’s not good enough that care staff are paid so poorly AND don’t have enough time to relate with the person they are providing support to - the latter is what gives them as much reward.

6. We would ideally like to see proposals for reform that are supported by cross-party consensus to ensure that any future changes in government do not derail long-awaited and much needed reforms to the funding and delivery of adult social care.

7. This submission provides a high level overview of key ADASS policy positions relating to a number of thematic areas contained within the consultation document, these are Funding Sustainable Adult Social Care, Diverse, Vibrant and Stable Local Care Markets, A Valued and Skilled Workforce, Locally-Led Integration and Person-Centred Care and Governance.

Please see below to for the full submission.