Winterbourne Joint Improvement Programme team
March 2014

Thank you again for updating your local area 'status report' last November.

We know that areas have continued to make important progress since the initial undertaking of the ‘stocktake' in the summer of 2013, and are keen to develop a narrative of the progression being made in advance of two approaching Concordat milestones. These are the June 2014 target for individuals inappropriately in inpatient care to be moved into community based settings, and the completion of strategic local area plans by April 2014.

We would now like you to provide us with an update on your current position, particularly focusing on those people who have been discharged – or will have been by June 2014 – and the nature of the care packages that are now supporting them. Equally, for those people who will not be discharged by June, we are keen to understand the reasons behind this and the discharge plans in place for each person, including estimated discharge dates for these people.

In addition, you will recall that another of forthcoming Concordat milestone relates to the completion of strategic local area plans that build capacity and ensure sustainable community-based solutions. We would also like to be able to share some examples of local area plans, particularly those that have been produced or signed off by your local Health and Wellbeing Board.

We would like you to provide us with this information by Monday 5 May in time for the June 2014 milestone. Please send your update on progress in meeting the June 2014 deadline, and a copy of your local area plan to

Through our engagement with local areas we have found fantastic examples of innovative practice in pursuit of the Concordat's ultimate aims to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and / or autism with behaviour that challenges. We want to share these examples through the Programme to help inform and demonstrate our collective progress.

As you may be aware, the JIP team has re-launched the vision for the programme which now focuses on person by person and area by area. Please feel free to contact us and do consider sharing examples of your good practice. The more we share, the better the pool of ideas and solutions from which the whole sector can benefit.

We thank you for your continued work to support this important agenda, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Bill Mumford
Programme Director, Winterbourne JIP