DH asked ADASS to provide expertise in relation to social care specifically to support DH led work as part of a wider Government programme to develop its pandemic influenza preparedness plans. The work started with a survey of ADASS members to inform the next stages and the output was a series of specified reports as requested. These all included a series of recommendations to government and were:

  • A guide for pandemic flu planning for DASSs
  • A report to DH of what data and information was required to enable support DASSs and local partners require to plan and reprioritise services in a future pan flu response.
  • A short paper setting out the communications and support infrastructure that DASS require to support them in communicating service reprioritisation in a future pan flu response.
  • A short paper setting out recommendations on regulatory and process easements that DASSs require to manage the reprioritisation of needs and delivery of services in a future pan flu response.

The guide was recommended as reference for DASSs during work to prepare for No-Deal Brexit as much of the material was transferable in terms of service continuity. We have further recommended DASSs refer to the guide in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

Find this set of reports attached below.