GSCC loss could boost social work College - ADASS/ADCS

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: Tuesday, July 27 2010
Embargo: Immediate

Directors say that abolition of GSCC is an opportunity to boost role of National College for Social Work
Matt Dunkley, Vice President of ADCS, and Richard Jones, President of ADASS, today commented on the challenges and opportunities presented by the announcement of the abolition of the GSCC and the transfer of its regulatory functions to the Health Professionals Council.

Richard Jones highlighted the symbolic importance of a body concerned entirely with social work, saying:
The abolition of the only regulatory body solely focused on social work makes the swift establishment of the National College of Social Work, run by the profession, even more urgent. It also presents an opportunity to reconsider which functions should belong to a regulator and which to the profession-led representative body. We would argue that responsibility for setting national standards, both in employment and in education and training, should rest with the profession itself in the form of the National College for Social Work, rather than being lost in the work of a council regulating a number of different professions.

Matt Dunkley added that regulation was important to improve public confidence in the profession and that the development of the National College should be linked to a robust and cost-effective regulation of these standards, by a respected regulatory body, of both individual conduct and the provision of education and training in higher education institutions. Such a body does not need to be solely focused on social workers, though must have a grasp of the complexity of the work. As important, if not more so, than getting regulation right, is that the reforms and investment recommended by the social work taskforce are fully implemented. If the changes announced this week free up resources to invest in the wider reforms to build a more confident and skilled profession then they must be welcomed.

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