The National Complaints Managers' Group (NCMG) is a forum representing professionals delivering complaints, dispute resolution and associated functions in Adult Social Care, Children and Families Social Care and Education within local authorities in England. Representatives attending NCMG are drawn from eight regional complaints managers' groups, who collectively represent in excess of 150 local authorities throughout England. 

NCMG views complaints and complaints handling as more than just a channel for communicating dissatisfaction. We consider it to be a dynamic process which creates opportunities for effecting positive change across the organisation and rippling into the person experience of its customers. In pursuit of this philosophy NCMG have developed the good practice guidance seen below, for officers within the complaints' profession, operational staff and managers of social care services. 

The guidance demonstrates that officers who handle complaints across local authorities social care services are committed to the highest standards and it serves as a benchmark for measuring quality. Customers and relevant external bodies may also use it as a checklist for how complaints about social care services should be handled.