The Physical and Sensory Impairment and HIV/AIDS Network has identified a set of general principles and values that we believe are the cornerstone to everything we do in supporting disabled people.

We will

  • use a social model approach to challenge the barriers faced by disabled people to independence, inclusion and equality
  • work alongside individuals to promote independence and enable choices that inform and underline the practice and philosophy of independent living
  • provide up-to-date, easy to understand and accessible information on the different services and options available for disabled people, and enable people to choose and access the support or services that would most benefit them
  • ensure disabled people receive good quality health and social care
  • treat disabled people with dignity and respect and recognise and value them as equal human beings with the same rights as every other person
  • treat disabled people in a manner which safeguards their well-being and does not expose them to any situations which might humiliate/embarrass or cause personal or emotional discomfort
  • work to eradicate health inequalities that negatively affect different groups of disabled people
  • hear the ‘voice’ of disabled people enabling them to express their wishes and feelings, in the way that suits them, this includes participating in and having control over their own care and support
  • support and empower disabled people to have greater control over the commissioning and delivery of services that support them
  • take an holistic approach to care and support, joining up different elements across professions and agencies
  • promote a positive view of disabled people and enable disabled people to lead an active and healthy life and to be involved as active citizens  including opportunities for education, employment and experiences that enable them to have fulfilling lives