Volume 4, Issue 2


  • Comment: Peter Hay,
  • Upfront: A cautious response to the spending round,
  • New vice-president elect,
  • Information for information seekers,
  • Training for end-of-life care,
  • pluses and minuses of the NHS White Paper;
  • Catherine Cunningham in profile,
    Movers, David Lambert remembered
  • The Culture Dance: A special section looking at the impact of the NHS White Paper and integration – Richard Jones, Sandie Keene, Dr Clare Gerada, Richard Humphries and Ed Macalister-Smith contribute
  • John Dixon and Bernard Walker survey their pasts
  • Daphne Obang – a tribute;
  • Making a reality of diversity – Kim Wright reports
  • How keen workforce intelligence can help your department
  • Charles MacNally talks us through a high profile media case
  • The Interim Chairs of the College of Social Work make their case
  • Last Word: Steve Pitt raises a laugh…