An ageing population means more people living with dementia in the community on their own or with a family carer. There are currently limited NHS interventions and a reliance on cash-strapped social care. What can we learn from current experience? With introductions by pioneers and testimony from service users, this workshop looked at three areas: How an integrated service hub with Local Authority, NHS and the voluntary sector benefits commissioners and users; How developing a dementia friendly community contributes to improved quality of life; How to improve domiciliary care by harnessing community support. 

Jeremy Hughes – Alzheimer’s Society
Karen McCrudden, Merton Dementia Hub
Vicky Rowley, Staffordshire and Stoke-on –Trent, Dementia Action Alliance 
Hazel Bayley, Home Focus
Ann Johnson, Living with Dementia
Simon Williams, London Borough of Merton
ADASS Chair: Pat Jones-Greenhalgh

NB - there were only electronic presentations from Simon Williams and Vicky Rowley