Eligibility criteria 'not the end of the story'

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: January 29, 2008
Embargo: Immediate

Solving the problems posed by tightened eligibility criteria means squaring the circle created by increasing numbers of elderly people and younger people with disabilities; the increasing complexities of their needs, and the clear mismatch between public expectations and the services available, according to ADASS President Anne Williams. She added: this vicious circle will have to be squared in the public debate which will follow consultations on the Governments Green Paper on funding for adults social services.

Responding to todays report from the Commission for Social Care Inspection, she stressed that people who do not qualify for social care services are by no means necessarily left languishing without any support at all. Eligibility criteria are not the whole story when it comes to making sure older people and disabled people are looked after in our communities.

She pointed to the wide range of support available to them via local authority housing, leisure, travel, sport and culture services `many of which are now the direct responsibility of adult social care departments, and the substantial amount of support provided by charities and third sector agencies, many of which receive funding from councils.

We clearly have a lot more to do in helping people who fund their own care, and new government guidance issued only last week encourages us to provide information and help to all older people, and not just those who are eligible for care services.

Mrs Williams went on to point out that the CSCI had gone out of its way to emphasise that for the fifth year running the quality of services made available to people who receive them have improved. We support the Commission in their throwing the spotlight on that wider constituency of adults. But we want to make sure that credit for all the services we provide for them is taken into account. she stressed.

She also welcomed again the cross-government commitment to developing personalised care, and the £520 million made available through the Concordat signed last month to help achieve it.


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