ADASS is committed to social justice and a key part of delivering on that priority is the work it is doing on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). We have established an EDI action group with membership from across ADASS regions which is making good progress in coordinating and delivering key pieces of work. The group has developed an EDI action plan and we hosted an EDI Trustee development session. We used open elections and proactive messaging to secure greater diversity across ADASS roles, including Trustee and Executive Council appointments, and representative intakes for both the Accelerate and Springboard programmes.

One of the key actions in our work programme was to gain a better understanding of the diversity of ADASS membership via our equalities monitoring processes. With some focused effort, the equalities monitoring return rate for 2021 remained stable. For 2022 we hope to improve on this again with the help and support of ADASS members. For a more detailed look at how the 2021 results compare to that of 2020, please see our Annual Report 2021.


If you are interested in joining our EDI action group please contact Ian.


Summary of 413 responses

Other includes:

  • White - European
  • White – Irish
  • White - Gypsy or Irish traveller
  • White - Other
  • Asian - Chinese
  • Asian or Asian British - Indian
  • Asian or Asian British – Pakistani
  • Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi
  • Asian - Other
  • Black or Black British – African
  • Black or Black British – Caribbean
  • Black - Other
  • Mixed – White & Asian
  • Mixed – White & Black African
  • Mixed – White & Black Caribbean
  • Mixed - Other
  • Other - Do not wish to disclose
  • Other - Ethnic identity not known
  • Other - (please specify)






Other includes:

  • Buddhist
  • Hindu
  • Jewish
  • Muslim
  • Rastafarian
  • Sikh
  • Other