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ADASS is keen to strengthen councils' capacity for harnessing new technology in order to achieve better outcomes for individuals, families, carers and the workforce. In partnership with Microsoft, we will be looking to find, support, develop and promote innovative digital projects that can make a positive impact within the sector.

The Digital Innovation Challenge will provide a fantastic opportunity for adult social care leaders to advance and showcase the innovative work with new technologies that councils are developing with local people and partners, and to work with experts from Microsoft, to test and refine fresh approaches to using new technologies in adult social care.

LAs, working alone or with partners involved in delivering social care, are invited to submit their ideas. To apply, please click on the 'application' button to download further information about the Digital Innovation Challenge, including the application form. 







The deadline for submissions is MAY 21st 2021.

Nb. Shortlisted ideas will be invited to present to a dragons’ den style panel of sector experts. If your idea is selected please be ready to attend the event on 11 June 2021).


Digital Innovation Challenge - Webinars

We have also organised a series of joint webinars to explore how technology can truly support and refine approaches to adult social care, and provide a new take for participants on what benefits these innovations can bring. Click below on each webinar title to register.  


The Art of the Possible: Re-imagining social care

Webinar 1: Reimagine your approach to social care with an introduction to how technology can accelerate the transformation of your service. Join us in this webinar to see scenario-based examples enabling targeted intervention and prevention, remote monitoring, and ideas for how to engage with and empower citizens to be independent and in control.

Intelligence-Driven Social Care (Citizen Engagement & Services)

Webinar 2: Governments & regional authorities across the world are harnessing the power of cloud technology (including AI & IoT) to address the needs of their citizens with greater efficiency, speed and relevance. Join us in this webinar to learn about how you can bring about an intelligence-driven social care experience and support citizens to live more independently.

Leadership and Change to enable person-centred care through multi-agency collaboration

Webinar 3: A shift in digital culture works best when people and processes are aligned with the technical changes. This involves adoption and change management, built to cultivate the relationship between technologists, heads of service and external agencies and partners. Join us in this webinar to learn about how leadership & change can enable person-centred care through multi-agency collaboration.