Darzi Report 'Very Promising' Move

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: July 1, 2008
Embargo: Immediate

The report published today by Lord Darzi is a 'very promising move towards bringing health and social care agendas even closer together and helping to sustain and improve the wellbeing of communities and adults across the board, according to Directors of Adult Social Services.

Commenting on High Quality Care For All, ADASS President John Dixon said that the experience of direct payments and personalised care which had been pioneered in social care was now ripe for transferring, in suitably modified ways, across to a far wider range of services - particularly in the NHS," - and welcomed Lord Darzi's commitment to this.

He also welcomed very much Lord Darzis emphases on prevention, public health and the need to link the initiatives currently being pioneered within local government and primary care trusts. The development of partnerships with local authorities with dovetailed and targeted commissioning of services designed to reduce obesity, smoking and other forms of addiction, and improving sexual and mental health will do will do a lot to achieve the goals local authorities are also pursuing, he said.

Along with Directors of Public Health colleagues we shall look forward to the boost to individual, family and community wellbeing that Lord Darzis report, if properly and carefully implemented, will help bring about.


For further information contact:
John Dixon, ADASS president, 01243 7776600
Drew Clode, ADASS Press/Policy Adviser, 020 8348 5023/07976 837755

Pictures of John Dixon available on request