ADASS has a submitted a response to CQC’s Strategy consultation.

ADASS particularly welcomes:

  • The focus on putting people who use services at the centre of decisions
  • The greater emphasis on listening to and utilising people’s feedback and experiences
  • The focus on co-design of CQC’s own work and services
  • The increased emphasis on tackling inequalities, including an explicit focus on protecting people’s human rights
  • The commitment to make information and data more accessible, relevant and useful, especially for members of the public making decisions about health and care
  • The recognition that how services work together has an impact on people’s lives and outcomes.

Much depends on how CQC will achieve these aims. DASSs will need to be involved in developing the implementation plans. ADASS can help to facilitate this.

Assuring safety and improving quality do of course depend upon a sustainable funding package for health and adult social care.

The proposed strategy notes improvement needs to be “delivered by a diverse workforce that is thriving”. There is little recognition within the strategy about the current workforce challenges. These include recruitment and retention challenges, and the associated longstanding need for an adult social care minimum wage, recognition and regulation, enhanced training and development, and career progression.

The full response can be downloaded via the link below.