Adult social care has a critical part to play in a whole system response to improving outcomes for individuals and to minimise costly crisis interventions. Working closely with individuals, communities and health partners, adult social care is helping to develop and expand the application of effective preventative and early intervention approaches which support individuals to remain independent in their own home. However, the extent to which adult social care can mobilise and sustain this activity is determined by a number of key factors. 
The need for trust, leadership and collective working is paramount. The current care and support reforms, allied with on-going and concerted efforts to integrate ealth and social care, are acting as a catalyst to creating and formalising these new relationships. 
The combination of the Adult Social Care Outcome Framework, the new NHS Mandate, the six priorities identified in the NHS England Planning Guidance, the Better Care Fund (BCF) and the Integration Pioneer programme are all creating the right conditions to creating an integrated, whole system response to meeting individual need and improve outcomes. This in turn promotes and sustains greater independence, health and wellbeing and community resilience