Chief social worker: 'coherent approach needed'

Association of Directors of Children's Services
Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: Thursday 1st November 2012
Embargo: Immediate

Directors of children and adult social services said that it would need real effort to ensure that the appointment of two chief social workers would not split the social work profession. The respective associations promised to use their influence with each of the new appointments to ensure a coherent approach to social work reform.

Jo Cleary joint chair of the ADASS Workforce Network said: "Social work needs a loud voice at the heart of government, championing social works values and the importance of the work that the profession does, day in day out, whether with children or adults. It is essential that the Chief Social Workers will speak with one voice recognising that social work is one profession. It will be vital that the two post holders work closely together to ensure a coherent and joined-up approach to working with the most vulnerable in our society and we look forward to working with both appointees to further this ambition."

Dave Hill chair of the ADCS Workforce Development Policy Committee said: "Having two Chief Social Workers working between children and adults, and between two government departments must not be allowed to weaken the influence of the office of the chief social worker on government policy. While we recognise the different specialisms required to work with children and adults, and the different legal frameworks, there are core social work values and practices that are shared by the whole profession, and these must be the guiding principles of both postholders. Of course, two chief social workers is better than none at all, and, nearly two years after the recommendation was first made, it will be a huge step forward to have professional social work voices at the heart of Whitehall."


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