Changes in Southern Cross care homes: information for all

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Date: Wednesday 31st August 2011
Embargo: Immediate

Today sees the launch of Phase 1 of a comprehensive guide to changes in Southern Cross home ownership in England, compiled, constructed and presented by the senior local government managers responsible for the overall care and protection of vulnerable older people.

The information is contained on a brand new website (details below) on which the name of every single Southern Cross-managed home is listed along with details of the status it has reached in its transition to a new, differently-owned care home owner. The lists, grouped on English regions, also include details of any inquiry or help lines set up locally and/or regionally by the company and by local authorities.

The information is constructed to be equally easily presented on the website of each individual local authority. It is intended that the names of the new operating companies will also be added in the near future as they become available, and that by autumn the list will be totally comprehensive.

ADASS President Peter Hay stressed today that the site evidenced the importance the Association places on the need transparently to show what enterprises public money is being used to support.

"It is important to reassure Southern Cross residents, as soon as possible, that they have nothing to fear from these impending changes and rapidly to make as much information publicly available as possible." he said.

"As Phase 2 gets underway a clear picture of the emerging changes will emerge."

Paying tribute to ADASS members, colleagues and the Guardian Newspaper website for all their help in presenting and making sure that the information on the site was up to date and accessible, he said: "We do hope that this source will help settle the nerves of residents, carers and the wider public alike as we approach the final phases of the transition from Southern Cross to other operating companies.

"ADASS wishes to reiterate the view that there is no cause for concern if details of all individual homes are not available. This is a long, complex and ongoing process and in a small number of cases information is still unforthcoming. Where residents and carers have continuing concerns, more information can be received from either the dedicated helpline published in these tables, or on their normal local authority public information telephone line, as well as their home's management.

"We have stressed all along that our over-riding concern has been the wellbeing and security of all Southern Cross residents. This website and the data it holds are part of that determination and commitment."


* The website is due to be updated weekly every Wednesday

* The website address is:

* ADASS hopes that all recipients of this release and information, from whatever source, will give the website the widest possible exposure. Links are available from

* Southern Cross also manage homes in the devolved nations. Information concerning homes in Scotland can be found at

* Individual queries concerning homes in Northern Ireland and Wales should be made, in the first instance, to Southern Cross representatives in those nations, the individual home, or the host local authority or board.

For further information contact:
Peter Hay, ADASS President, 0121 303 2992
Sarah Pickup, ADASS Vice President, 01992 556301
Drew Clode, 020 8348 5023/07976 837755