On 1st June 2015, the Office of Public Guardian (OPG) will be introducing a new Local Authority Deputyship appointment process. 

Previously, Court Administration would select a deputy but the recent change requires the OPG to submit an application to remove the current attorney/deputy and appoint a Local Authority to act as a replacement.

The OPG investigator will send a letter to the relevant local authority which provides guidance regarding; OPG and Court responsibilities, timescales and fixed costs as well as a brief summary of P's capacity, social worker and levels of assets. The letter also encloses a blank CoP4 Deputy declaration for the authorised officer at the local authority to compete and return to the OPG within two weeks, registering their willingness to act.

The local authority's CoP4 will then be exhibited as part of the Public Guardian's application which will enable the Court to issue a Final Order appointing the Local Authority as Deputy at the same time as discharging the current attorney/deputy.

OPG have requested that Deputy/Adult Safeguarding Teams are advised of this change and any questions they may have to are forwarded to  partnerships@publicguardian.gsi.gov.uk