Care England collected a total of 84 responses from care home managers to look into how successfully the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) was being implemented on the front line of residential care. 

Respondents answered questions on the five principles of the MCA, and the questions asked how well they lead and supported their staff teams to understand and enact these principles. 

It is necessary to say that the respondents to this survey could be, to some extent, a self-selecting group. By this, Care England acknowledges that these findings may not represent the full range of experiences of MCA implementation in social care settings. 

The largely positive response to this survey is encouraging, but suggests that mainly those who are already confident in MCA implementation have come forward to respond to this survey. The survey asked tough questions about leadership, understanding and the respect of service users' rights under the act: it is probable that those care home managers who were not confident in their responsibilities under the act would have avoided such a challenging survey.

However, this is not to denigrate the survey's purpose or scope: managers showed varying approaches and practice around the MCA, and this survey's results give a strong indication of the problems faced when trying to give and manage care-giving in accordance with the MCA. 

The below PDF report explores the responses to the 12 questions we asked care home managers.