Campaign 'focuses on ADASS priorities' - ADASS President

Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Press Information
Thursday June 17, 2010

Richard Jones, ADASS president confirmed today that the briefing wallets distributed to parliamentarians earlier this week are not the start of a major campaign to sustain current, or secure extra, funding for social care.

"Adult social care can no more expect to be immune from our current fiscal challenges any more than any other sector, save those which have been specified by the Coalition," he said.

Rather, he said they are ADASSs views on the priorities for a new government, and we argue that we must ensure that personalisation is built into the mainstream public sector; that adult care focuses increasingly on prevention; that we ensure outcomes are owned by the communities and individuals we serve, and that together we develop a new settlement for the long term funding for an increasingly ageing population.

ADASS believes that we are unlikely to deliver the level of savings that are going to be required via efficiency alone. And it is true that the association will speak out strongly on behalf of citizens where budget allocations prevent vulnerable people from getting the support they need, he said.