2015/16 is set to be an important year for adult social care. Phase 1 of the Care Act 2014 will be enacted across all councils and preparations will be required for the introduction of Phase 2 on 1 April 2016. The new Government will be undertaking the Comprehensive Spending Review setting the future financial context, and the  ongoing integration of social care services with the NHS is expected to accelerate along with the introduction of personalisation within Health. These developments are set against councils balancing the issues of cost of care and ensuring quality services.

In response, ADASS has identified 3 key themes in its business plan for 2015/16:   

  • PERSONALISED AND INTEGRATED: Expansion of personalised services and engagement of the individual as the expert by experience in designing integrated services to meet improved outcomes. (This encompasses all individuals who use social care services).
  • QUALITY AND SAFEGUARDING: Continued improvement in quality and ongoing safeguarding of individuals.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability of the system to include workforce development, proper funding to meet all responsibilities and enhanced ADASS capacity to respond to the policy environment.