Central to this work is the www.local.gov.uk/care-support-reform implementation website which was launched on October 1. It is designed to be the hub of all information, products, updates and good practice relating to care and support reform, for local authorities and care providers. 

For easy navigation the website is broken down into seven main sections:

* The Care Act Basics (including a clause analysis and briefings for Members)

* Implementing your programme (products, tools and guidance for your frontline staff and programme team)
* Regional support arrangements (including contact details and funding arrangements)
* Stocktakes (updates on forthcoming stocktake surveys and analysis of past results)
* Consultations 

A About the programme (including board papers)
B Public Awareness campaign (details of the campaign and how you can access resources for local  communications teams)

As resources become available links and information are placed on there, so it’s important to check the Implementing your Programme section regularly. 

We also produce a monthly Care and Support Reform (CSR) bulletin for leaders of and professionals working in local health and care systems, which provides relevant and timely information on the process of implementing the care and support reforms. If you’re not already signed up, please email CareBillReform@local.gov.uk, to do so.  

In addition to the work being carried out to help local authorities and care providers with implementation, the Department of Health and Public Health England have developed Care and Support and You – a public information campaign to support local councils in the smooth implementation of the Care Act. It aims to ensure those people affected by the reforms (care users, carers and people approaching the point of needing care) are aware of the changes and encouraged to take appropriate action.  

Over the next couple of months nationally-driven communications will aim to reach those with whom councils may not already have relationships, such as people who fund their own care. This will include digital, radio and print advertising, targeted leaflet drops and public relations activity.

To support you in communicating with your local communities a range of adaptable materials, including web copy, leaflets, letters, briefing and campaign imagery has been developed. To access the site that holds these materials, please email careandsupport@phe.gov.uk    

A second phase of public campaigning is being developed. This will be a broader programme of marketing activity to inspire behaviour change, so that it becomes more normal for people to prepare for potential care and support needs as part of wider financial planning. Subject to approval, the intention is to deliver this stage of the campaign from 2016. More information on this will be available on the care and support reform website and in the CSR bulletin, as it takes shape.

We believe one of the best ways of helping you implement the reforms is by listening and responding to you. Please take the opportunity to contribute to discussion on the website or contact CareBillReform@local.gov.uk with any questions. We are also currently running a very short survey, asking for your feedback on the implementation website, to enable us to constantly improve it. 

To stay up to date with all the latest news and information remember to check www.local.gov.uk/care-support-reform regularly, sign up to the CSR bulletin and follow us on Twitter @LGComms.

Andy Hughes
Head of Implementation
Grant Funded Health Programmes
Local Government Association