In this week’s update:

  • Integrated workforce planning
  • Financial Incentives and Risk Sharing Support Offer
  • Meet the Team

Integrated workforce planning – call for sounding board participants


The Better Care Support Team, in conjunction with key partners, is developing our integrated workforce planning support offer for 2015/16.

We are keen to test our support proposals with local areas, particularly those who raised workforce planning as a key barrier to implementation in your BCF Readiness Survey responses. We are therefore creating a sounding board with interested localities to test the design of our proposals. We are also looking for two to three local representatives to participate in a workshop towards the end of July to discuss the current gaps and proposed BCST support offer (Participants will be selected on a first come first served basis).

If you would like to join the sounding board or if you would like to attend the workshop, then please contact: .

Financial Incentives and Risk Sharing Support Offer


The Better Care Support Team’s readiness survey in March 2015 found that one of the three biggest challenges/barriers faced by Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs) to integrated care was the alignment of financial systems, benefits and risks – cited by 22% of HWBs.

The Team is in the process of preparing a support offer to address this need.  We are keen to put forward a useful and relevant support package, but we first we need to identify the challenges people are facing/the issues they are addressing.

If you would like to provide views/issues or information on the challenges you are facing to help us design an appropriate support offer, please contact:


Meet the Team


In this week’s ‘Meet the Team’ we meet Yvette Jacob.

Yvette Jacob – Comms Support


Yvette joined the Better Care Support Team via the Department of Health in May this year. She supports various aspects of the team’s communications work, including handling mailbox enquiries, curating and administrating the Better Care Exchange alongside Jo Reilly, and supporting quarterly data collections.

Before joining the Department of Health, Yvette spent a year at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office working on something entirely different, namely international sanctions policy. She maintains a keen interest in European and international policy issues, having previously lived and worked in Berlin and The Hague.

Yvette is originally from Sheffield and studied at Manchester University, Berlin’s Humboldt University and most recently at UCL. She has now temporarily settled in North West London.

Ann Radmore

Better Care Support Team Programme Director