In this week’s update:

  • Better Care Support Team 
  • Programme of support
  • Better Care Exchange

Better Care Support Team

I hope that many of you have had the opportunity to access some of the support that the Task Force has commissioned through KPMG and its consortium partners over the past month or so – the regional workshops that have been held, the technical webinars, and the “how to” guides that have been published.

But we’re under no illusion that this support can only begin to scratch the surface of the challenges that you all face in your day to day work trying to make these Better Care plans and integration of health and social care a reality. That’s why we’re setting up a new team – the Better Care Support Team – and its primary focus will be working alongside you to understand the progress that you are making and putting in place the necessary support to help you deliver your visions for integrated care.

I will be leading the new team, provided strategic leadership and oversight, supported by a Deputy Programme Director responsible for delivery – Terry Willows.

We’re going to be working through existing NHS England and local government regional structures as much as possible to understand the progress you are making. We’ll therefore have regional relationship managers for each of the NHS England regions as per the below:-
  •          South – Sarah Holloway
  •          North – Luke McCartney
  •          London – Stuart Macleod
  •          Midlands and East – to be confirmed but in the interim Terry Willows will be managing this regional relationship
I’m sure you appreciate that there will continue to be huge interest locally, regionally and nationally on what progress is being made and we will be seeking to share the stories and the learning as well as advising Ministers on the issues and delivery. But this isn’t going to be about top down performance management. We want to understand the progress that you are making, but we equally want to understand the reasons why you aren’t making the progress you wanted to.

Understanding – and helping you to understand – the reasons why some things are working and other things aren’t will enable us to put together support packages which can help you make the progress we know you are all committed to making. It will also help us identify any regional or national issues which Government needs to consider and address to support success.

We have a number of ideas about what type of support might best help you moving forward, building on the package of support that KPMG has led. But we would welcome your views on the type and nature of support you would find helpful.

In addition to a regional focus, we’re dividing the team’s work into the following high level work streams, led as follows:-

  •          Programme Management and planning – Luke McCartney
  •          Evaluation and insight – Darren Sugg
  •          Delivery – Sarah Holloway
  •          Communications and operationalisation – Stuart Macleod
  •          Policy – to be confirmed.

The new team and particularly the regional leads will be working hard to get a picture of progress and challenges over the next month or so and I will let you know how we are beginning to shape the future support that will be available to you as soon as I can.

I wish you all the very best as we move into the delivery phase of this programme and welcome your thoughts and comments as we go forward.

Programme of support

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Better Care Cascades in London and Leeds on Monday. This was a great opportunity to network with peers and to learn best practice from experts on the 4 masterclass topics.  Outputs from these sessions will be made available on the Better Care Exchange which is launching in the next couple of weeks.

The Data Sharing webinar, held last week, has been recorded and can be accessed using this link:

A further technical webinar on Aligning Incentives and Risk Sharing will be held on 17th April, 12:00 – 13:30. This session, to be led by Dr Stephen Richards and Dr Steve Laitner, will focus on the practical steps you can take to overcome the technical challenges around Aligning Incentives and Risk Sharing. Invitations will be issued for this webinar shortly.

Better Care Exchange

A big thank you to everybody who was able to test and provide us feedback on the Better Care Exchange. We are now reviewing all the feedback and incorporating your comments as best we can. In addition we working on setting up static pages for various programmes and topics so you can access key information and documents on the Exchange easily. 

The Exchange is due to be launched the week commencing 13th April - watch this space for more details.

Many thanks,
Ann Radmore

Better Care Support Team Programme Director