Dear colleagues,

In this week’s update:

  • Better Care Exchange
  • Quarterly Reporting Template Queries
  • Meet the Team
  • Breaking down the integration barriers – LGC live broadcast

Better Care Exchange

The Better Care Exchange will be launching on Thursday 30th April, with a national webinar event, hosted by SCIE, starting at 9am. The Exchange provides a single, accessible place for sharing learning, information and good practice on delivering better integrated care, thus supporting the implementation of BCF plans. 


It will enable users to:

  • Take part in collaborative discussions with peers and share learning as part of a social network.
  • Access insight and good practice aimed at helping areas overcome the barriers to successful provision of Better Care.
  • Access previously published national guidance and resources to provide practical steps to progress delivery.
  • Ask for support from the Better Care Support Team and peers.
  • Access information and updates on the range of nationally led programmes and initiatives in the  space of integrated care

If you have any questions about the Better Care Exchange or would like an invite to the national webinar event, please email or contact Jo Reilly (


Quarterly Reporting Template Queries

We have received a number of enquiries about the draft quarterly reporting template that was published in March 2015 as an annex to the Operationalisation Guidance. The published template is a draft currently under revision and we plan to publish further guidance and an updated template by 8 May 2015. Deadline for submissions will remain 29th May 2015.

As such, we are hoping that many of your queries and comments will be fully addressed by the new template.

For those concerned about early approval from the relevant stakeholders for template completion, you should note that the template represents the maximum quarterly data requirements and our hope is that some of the data requirements can be removed or pulled in/prepopulated from other pre-existing datasets and returns. Therefore, you should obtain your clearances on that basis. Our current intention for the end May return is that this data will need to be submitted via an excel return (i.e. not via Unify), with one return per HWB area.

We will shortly be making available further guidance, support, and Q&As to address the outstanding queries. Below is a list of issues that we are aware of with the current template:

  • There is no fourth section in Tab 4, despite the guidance saying that there are four sections.
  • There is no Q4 14/15 option in the drop down menu of the excel document.
  • The report due on 29/05/2015 is for Q4 14/15 ending 31/03/2015. At that date we will not have started 2015/16 BCF schemes so there will be no BCF financial information.
  • Confusion as to where the revised plan referred to in P4P should be entered on the template
  • Some Support metrics are collected on an annual basis so cannot be reported on a quarterly basis

Thank you for your continued patience.


Meet the Team

In this week’s ‘Meet the Team’ we meet Luke McCartney.

Luke McCartney – Head of PMO and Regional Manager for London

Luke comes to the team on secondment from NEL CSU. He oversees the PMO function of the team as well as helping specify and commission the support programme. He will also be the team’s relationship manager for the north of England.

Luke has worked in the NHS since 2009. He has spent most that time working in East London, having held roles in City and Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham before working across the patch as part of the CSU. He is keen to ensure that the national team makes a difference in supporting local areas overcome the challenges they face in implementing Better Care.

‘Breaking down the integration barriers’ – LGC’s live broadcast, in association with Capsticks – 30th April 2015 at 10:30am               

The Local Government Chronicle is running a live webinar, next Thursday, entitled ‘Breaking down the integration barriers’. Myself and the other expert panellists will be exploring the barriers preventing greater integration of public sector organisations such as local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, acute trusts and housing organisations.

The 45-minute discussion will ask what organisations can do to forge trusting relationships between themselves in order to provide efficient and thorough services to the public, while coping with reductions to central government funding.

The programme will be broadcast live online. If you would like to watch it please register here.


Many thanks,

Ann Radmore

Better Care Support Team Programme Director