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In this week’s update:

  • Better Care Fund 2016/17 planning updates
    - Updated FAQ
    - Webinar on 2016/17 planning process
    - Webinar on risk sharing
    - Links to new resources
  • Information sharing workshops webinar – 21 March

Better Care Fund 2016/17 planning updates


Updated Q&A on the planning process and template

The attached Q&A has been updated since the first BCF submission to include some new queries that have arisen.

Please do continue to send any additional queries through to the Better Care Support Team at


Webinar held on 11 March on 2016/17 planning and submission 2 template

On Friday 11 March I ran a webinar called ‘BCF – what has changed in 2016/7’

In it I went through the key changes to the planning template for 2016/17, the elements that have not been altered and which should not be lost, plus I also introduced two new planning support materials:

  • DTOC signposting resource and webinar
  • risk-sharing quick quide seminar (which took place on Monday 14 March)

Both these resources are available on the Social Care Institute for Excellence at:

I would like to apologise for the fact that IT issues on the day unfortunately meant that my Powerpoint slide presentation was not visible to participants. However, both the audio recording and all the accompanying slides that you should have seen, can be found on the

Better Care Exchange at:!/messages/2158


Webinar held on 14 March on risk-sharing

In conjunction with my colleague, Alex Mitchell of KPMG, I ran another webinar on Monday 14 March. This one looked in depth at aspects to be aware of when embarking on collaborative risk sharing discussions – both in terms of statutory financial obligations on both sides and recommended risk mitigation protocols.

The session was well attended and a recording of the webinar can be found on the Better Care Exchange here -!/messages/2155


Links to new resources

To help areas plan for the new two national conditions in the Better Care Fund 2016-17, the Better Care Support Team has funded the development of two new resources:

  • DTOC signposting guide
  • Risk sharing quick guide

These can both be accessed on the Better Care Exchange and on the SCIE website.


Reminder of timetable

2 March:          Local areas to submit a first draft of the BCF planning return template only to national DCO teams, copied to the Better Care Support Team, detailing the technical elements of the planning requirements.

21 March:       First submission of full narrative plans for Better Care alongside a second submission of the BCF planning return template.

25 April:          Final submission, once formally signed off by the Health and Wellbeing Board.


Information sharing workshops webinar – 21 March


During January and February, the Better Care Support Team in association with NECS (North of England Commissioning Support Unit) have been delivering a series of regional

workshops, focusing on different aspects of information sharing to support integrated care.


We’ll be holding a summary webinar on 21 March to bring this set of events to a close. This will be an opportunity to get feedback from the workshop speakers, gain an overview of some of the key messages, concerns and issues highlighted as part of the events, and hear more about how the Better Care Support Team will support future planning in this area.

Register for the Information Sharing Summary Webinar here. If you have any questions about this webinar please contact the project manager:

Anthony Kealy

Anthony Kealy

Better Care Support Team Programme Director