In this week’s update:

  • New Programme Director for the Better Care Fund
  • Q1 reporting template and FAQs
  • Better Care Fund Regional Manager posts advertised
  • NEL CSU semi-structured interviews on the Better Care Fund
  • Meet the team

New Programme Director for the Better Care Fund


I am sure you will want to know that  Anthony Kealy has agreed to act as interim  BCF Programme Director. He will take up the role with effect from 1 September 2015. Anthony has had significant involvement in the programme over the last 18 months and most recently has been working on CCG planning and assurance.


I wish Anthony all the best taking on this role and I know that he is looking forward to supporting the team and the colleagues in local systems making the changes happen. I’ve enjoyed my time here working on such an important programme and learnt so much about the opportunities and challenges of integration. I  am personally looking forward to new challenges at Kingston Foundation Trust.


Q1 reporting template – due back 28 August 2015


Please note that theQ1 reporting template was issued last week, and is due for completion on 28th August 2015. You can find and download this on our website ( and on the Better Care Exchange (


In response to queries that have come in this week we have collated the following FAQs:


Q: If our patient experience metric is actually an annual performance metric – how should we present this in our template?


A: If the data is only collected annually then please they enter 0 for each quarter until Q4 where you should enter your annual figure (plan  and forecast). Please also state that this is an annual measure clearly in the comments so that when the data is validated it does not appear to be missing data.


Q: We want to record the figures for our local performance metric (plan and actual) as percentages, but the cell format changes this to a decimal. Can we reformat the cell to show a percentage?


A: Please input the data as you intended as a percentage and allow the cell to change this to decimal format. The number that appears in the box will be a rounded version of that decimal, but the full number will still appear in the formula bar. This is the figure that will be extracted and recorded. Please also state clearly in the comments box that the figure represents a percentage, so this is recorded during validation.


Q: Can you confirm if the I&E is on an accruals basis?  


A: I&E data should be entered for each individual quarter, i.e. not on a cumulative basis.


Please contact the Better Care Support Team if you have any further queries on the template at


Better Care Fund Regional Manager posts advertised


NHS England’s regional teams are advertising for a number of Better Care Manager posts to help support the implementation of Better Care Fund plans in the regions.


The roles will work alongside regional and local health and social care leads to develop a detailed understanding of the progress being made to implement Better Care Fund plans, to identify the barriers and issues being faced and help to coordinate appropriate packages of support. Skills required include a good understanding of health and social care systems, analytical and data handling skills, and credibility working with senior leaders.


These posts can be found on the NHS Jobs website. The advert for these posts in NHS England South region has now closed, but the equivalent posts in the Midlands and East region are open for applications until 26 August. The posts in London and the North regions will be advertised shortly.


These posts are open to those with backgrounds in any relevant sector – everyone can apply for jobs through the NHS Jobs website (it’s not just for those who currently work in the NHS): Search ‘Better Care Fund’ to see the full advert for these posts.


NEL CSU semi-structured interviews on the Better Care Fund


In developing the detail of the policy it is important that we capture the views of local areas regarding the effectiveness of the current policy framework (e.g. the pooled fund, the national conditions).


We have therefore asked NEL CSU to undertake a short series of interviews to explore views on the current BCF policy framework and its impact on integration with a representative sample of health and wellbeing board area. This will be in the form of semi-structured telephone interviews, and the outputs will be shared at a senior level, including with Ministers.  


The interviews have already started in areas selected at random. These areas will have been contacted by NEL CSU and know who they are!


Meet the Team


In this week’s ‘Meet the Team’ we meet Adiba Enwonwu.


Adiba Enwonwu – Better Care Fund Support Team

Adiba joined the team in May of this year and is the lead for Local System Delivery and Support and the Regional Lead for the South.


She joined the team from the Department of Health, where she has worked in a wide range of policy and operational teams. Adiba has previously had roles working on international/reciprocal health agreements, developing care pathways through a role in the Modernisation Agency, developing payment models for paediatric diabetes, and amending regulations to facilitate the introduction of the Health and Social Care Act. She has also worked on National Transformation Change Equality Programmes, such as Pacesetters, to improve outcomes for disadvantaged groups on the basis of their gender, age, ethnicity and disability.


Like many others in the team, Adiba loves travelling and touring interesting places. She loves a road trip – as long it has plenty of good food! Some of her more memorable tours to date include around East, West and Southern Africa, Cuba, Egypt, across a number of states in the USA and a 10 day trek through the Namibian desert to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Ann Radmore

Better Care Support Team Programme Director