In this week’s update:

  • Update on Better Care Fund planning guidance and allocations
  • Regional sharing and learning events
  • Information sharing workshops running in February and March
  • BCF 2016 /17 Support programme planning workshop
  • REMINDER: Q3 reporting template – returns due by 26 February
  • Coming soon – updated BCF webpage

Update on Better Care Fund planning guidance 2016-17

We are still not yet able to publish the detailed planning guidance for the Better Care Fund in 2016-17. This is facing a delay, but will be published as soon as possible. Any resulting changes to the timetable for completing Better Care Fund plans will be set out within and alongside publication of the guidance. The Health and Wellbeing Board level BCF allocations will be published alongside the guidance.


Local areas may find it helpful in the meantime to refer to the Better Care Fund 2016-17 Policy Framework that was published on 8 January, and can be found here.


Regional sharing and learning events

This week has seen the first three of our regional sharing and learning events take place in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. I’m pleased to say that they’ve gone really well – we’ve had good attendance at each, and have heard some really interesting examples of what local areas are doing to integrate health and social care services.


Amongst the many interesting examples, we’ve heard from local areas about changes to carers services, multi-disciplinary teams, rapid response services, new approaches to data sharing, and new discharge services. Rochdale spoke at the events in Leeds and Manchester about their intermediate tier service, focussing on the benefits of outcomes based commissioning. They’ve also been featured in The Guardian this week – read more about their service and the impact it’s having on patients here:


The sharing and learning events continue through the rest of the month – sign up through the links below.

Tuesday 9th February 2016, Newcastle
Wednesday 10th February 2016, Cambridge
Thursday 11th February 2016, Leicester
Tuesday 23rd February 2016, London
Thursday 25th February 2016, Reading
Wednesday 2nd March 2016, Wellington /Taunton

Information sharing workshops - February and March

On behalf of the Better Care Support Team, NECS (North of England Commissioning Support Unit) have arranged a series of regional workshops to share learning and good practice in relation to information sharing for direct care. The aims of the workshops are to:

  • provide practical tools and guidance to organisations carrying out information sharing to support direct care
  • share examples of good practice from local areas already implementing effective information sharing to support direct care
  • explore some of the enablers and barriers to effective information sharing currently

These workshops are for information governance, information sharing and programme leads involved in integrated care programmes, but also anybody who is involved in improving practices around information sharing for direct care in any sector. 

February/March dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday 24th Feb – Leeds
  • Friday 26th Feb – Birmingham
  • Tuesday 1st March - London

To book your place, please see:

A summary webinar will also be running in March at some point – date to be confirmed.


BCF 2016 /17 Support programme planning workshop

Kicking off next week’s activities is our inaugural programme planning workshop which takes place on Monday 8 February at Skipton House.  The session’s objective is to map support projects between the BCST and other integration programmes for 16/17, identify any gaps, duplication or opportunities for joint working and brainstorm ideas for additional support products. In addition to various stakeholders, we have invited one representative from each region to ensure we have a wide cross section of opinions and perspectives. A key output from the session will be an ‘at a glance’ diagrammatic representation of who is doing what when, in order to more easily identify areas for improvement or different ways of working. 


I am sure Monday will be a very constructive session and will be reporting back the main themes and early findings in next week’s note. A follow up session will take place in about a fortnight to allow any new ideas and options to be reviewed in more detail.


REMINDER: Q3 reporting template – returns due by 26 February

The Quarter 3 Reporting Template was sent out last week and the return deadline is 26th February 2016. It is also located on the Better Care Exchange and on  NHS England Better Care Fund website.


Please read the guidance tab before completing and direct any queries to as usual.


Coming soon – updated BCF webpage

We are currently working on reviewing and updating our NHS England webpage and will be regularly refreshing content as soon as the new version goes live. If there is anything specific you would like to see included in future, please send your ideas and input to our new Communications Manager, Julia Battersby, on


Anthony Kealy

Anthony Kealy

Better Care Support Team Programme Director