Better Care Fund 2016/17 planning updates

Important notice

It was announced yesterday that the final date for CCG operating plan submissions has been delayed by a week from 11 April to 18 April 2016.

As this submission will include final non-elective admissions data that is required as part of the Better Care Fund planning process for 2016-17, we have taken the decision to extend the BCF planning timetable by a week as well.

The key changes are as follows:


Original date

Revised date

Release of final version of BCF Planning Return template (pre-populated with NEA figures)

14 April 2016

21 April 2016

Deadline for final submissions of signed off BCF plans

25 April 2016

3 May 2016


This development will have an impact on the assurance timetable that follows submission and we will be in touch with regional leads and BCMs to discuss this further.


Other 2016/17 planning updates

A third iteration of the FAQ document issued to assist you in the preparation of your returns will be issued shortly.

We have recently launched two useful new planning support materials:

  • DTOC signposting resource and webinar
  • risk-sharing quick guide webinar

Both are available on the Social Care Institute for Excellence website at:


Q2 data to be published shortly

 The data will shortly be available on the BCF web page at:


Information-sharing workshops review report published

As I flagged up in last week’s bulletin, a report has now been published summarising the findings and feedback of a series of regional information-sharing events that took place earlier this year. A total of 230 delegates attended the events and reactions were generally very positive.

Entitled An overview of key themes and recommendations for future workstreams, the report takes the thinking and recommendations voiced at the workshops to shape future service delivery planning around information sharing across integrated care.

The Overview report is available on the North East Commissioning website at:


 NHS England 2016/17 Business Plan and integrated health and care

On March 31, NHS England published its 2016/17 Business Plan setting out how it will support commissioning and drive improvements in patient outcomes within the context of its Five Year Forward Plan. Pages 38 and 39 specifically reference integration of health and care and the significance of the place-based Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) due to be submitted by all regions by June 2016.

To read the NHS England 2016/17 Business Plan in full, go to: [link]


 Upcoming events

Date:       04 May 2016

Title:        Effective Discharge Planning and Practice

Venue:     Central London

Further details:


Date:       10 – 11 May 2016

Title:        Community Care Live Birmingham 2016

Venue:      Birmingham

Further details:


Date:         29 – 30 June 2016

Title:          Health Plus Care

Further details:


Anthony Kealy

Better Care Support Team Programme Director