In this week’s update:

  • Operationalisation of the BCF: guidance published
  • Programme of support for March
  • Update on the Better Care Exchange
  • Update on the ‘How to’ Guide series

Operationalisation of the BCF: guidance published

Guidance for the Operationalisation of the BCF in 2015-16 has now been published, and is available for downloading on the Better Care Fund page of the NHS England website:


The guidance sets out the following:

  • the Care Act legislation underpinning the BCF;
  • the accountability arrangements and flows of funding;
  • the reporting and monitoring requirements for 15-16;
  • arrangements for the operation of the payment for performance framework;
  • how progress against plans will be managed and what the escalation process will look like; and
  • the role of the Better Care Support Team going forward.

The guidance also provides further advice to areas around the alignment of BCF targets for reducing non-elective admissions with the planning assumptions included in final CCG operational plans.


Alongside the guidance, you will find a sample quarterly report template and a metrics analytical tool that will help areas in confirming the implications of final baseline data, including for the operation of the payment for performance framework 


Programme of support for March

As part of the March programme of implementation support, a number of events will be running over the next couple of weeks to give you the opportunity to get practical advice, best practice and sharing learning from across national and local networks:

  •         The Better Care Cascade, a national conference running in London and Leeds, will involve 4 masterclasses from subject matter experts and leading sites; and
  •         A Technical webinar will focus on the practical steps you can take to overcome the technical challenges around Aligning Incentives and Risk Sharing.

Please see the timetable below for more details. Invitations for the below events have been issued. If you are interested in attending any of these and haven’t received an invitation, please contact to register.

  Location Date Time Topic(s)
Better Care Cascade   KPMG London 30/03/2015 10:00 - 14:00 Key note address + 4 topics:
KPMG Leeds ~ Data handling
~ Measuring impact
~ Joint working
~ Engagement and communication
Technical webinars - TBC TBC Aligning incentives and risk sharing

Thank you to those of you who have participated in the events over the past couple of weeks. We hope you have found these sessions useful. The key learnings from these sessions have been captured and will be uploaded with the workshop materials onto the Better Care Exchange.


The Joint Working and Section 75 webinars have been recorded and can be accessed using this link:


Update on the Better Care Exchange

Following the past few weeks of piloting the Better Care Exchange with the Co-design User Group, the Support Team are now reviewing all the feedback received and incorporating it where possible into the Exchange.  Thank you to everybody who has provided input and ideas about how the Exchange can be enhanced to meet your needs. We will be responding directly to everybody who has provided feedback either on email, through feedback sessions or remotely via the Exchange to let you know how your feedback has been incorporated. 


The Better Care Exchange launch date has been postponed so that this additional feedback can be incorporated as best as possible and a revised launch date will be circulated shortly.  


Update on the ‘How to’ Guide series

In case you haven’t already seen them, the first three ‘How to’ guides in our series are guides are all available on the Better Care pages on the SCIE website. These are practical guides providing advice and case studies on:

  •          How to … lead and manage better care
  •          How to … bring budgets together and use them to develop coordinated care
  •          How to … work together across health, care and beyond

Please use the above link to share the information with colleagues through your website, intranet, networks and social media. You can also take part in the Twitter discussions about the publications using #BetterCareFund.


The final guide – How to … understand and measure impact – is currently being developed and will be published next week.


Many thanks,


Ann Radmore

Better Care Fund Programme Director


Better Care Fund Task Force

Department of Health

Local Government Association

NHS England

Department of Communities & Local Government