In this issue:

  • Better Care assurance of plans for 2016/7
  • Update on the Better Care support offer for 2016/7
  • Seven day hospital services: turning vision into reality
  • New resource – working relationships between GPs and social workers
  • Safeguarding adults – training for managers
  • Your views on online collaboration around integrated care
  • BCE – latest uploads


Better Care Fund assurance of plans for 2016/17

Following the submission of plans on 3 May, colleagues across the country from NHS England and local government have been working on the regional assurance of the plans.  You may already have had some feedback on your plans from that work.  The provisional ratings from the assurance phase will be communicated shortly, ahead of formal confirmation from NHS England which is likely to be in mid June.

Update on the Better Care support offer 2016/7

Using the helpful feedback you provided on last year’s offer, the team has been busy shaping the Better Care Support offer for 16/17.  In 2016/17 we will support local systems to enable the successful delivery of integrated care in 2016/17 by:

  • Sharing learning and insight - e.g. via a series of thematic masterclasses, organised by the central team bringing you the latest expertise on specific topics such as measuring success and benefits realisation;
  • Building networks – e.g. via our Better Care Manager network, via the Better Care Exchange platform, and a series of regional networking events;
  • Providing direct support and resource – e.g. continuing the offer of Better Care Advisors, as well as multi-disciplinary consultancy support, and bespoke support on systems leadership.  


We will provide you with more detail on the specifics and the timing of these resources in due course, but in the mean time you can

  • Log on to the Better Care Exchange to pose a query for peers and find or share local successes and good practice
  • Contact your local Better Care Manager for advice or queries (email addresses can be found at the bottom of our NHS England webpage)
  • Email any specific queries to our mailbox via  
  • Email our mailbox to express interest in being part of our reference group to shape and guide the support offer. We are particularly keen to hear from anyone in a London or Southern based CCG working on integrated care to provide their perspective


Seven day hospital services: turning vision into reality

The BCF team regularly attends seven day hospital services (7DS) team meetings and we will ensure you are aware of any significant developments as and when they are announced. In the meantime you can read more about 7DS and its aims, objectives and timelines at:


New resource – working relationships between GPs and social workers

To make integrated care a reality, it is crucial that GPs and social workers work together much more closely and collaboratively, which we know requires some culture change.

Following research undertaken by the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network exploring the relationship between adults’ social workers and general practice teams, Community Care has produced some hints, tips and training materials designed to encourage optimum inter-professional trust and development. For full details, see:


Safeguarding adults - training for managers

SCIE is running three one-day CPD accredited courses in London, Leeds and Birmingham on safeguarding adults. The events are designed to help managers of care and health services better understand their safeguarding duties and responsibilities.

Book Safeguarding adults - 7 July, London

Book Safeguarding adults - 14 July, Leeds

Book Safeguarding adults - 21 July, Birmingham

The course is aimed at managers, registered managers, newly appointed safeguarding leads and team leaders in care, health and related services.

Cost per delegate is £125 per person inclusive of VAT.


Your views on online collaboration around integrated care

Work is underway to explore and understand the online collaboration and support needs of people across the country working on the Better Care Fund and integrated care more broadly. We are keen to get the views of as many people working on integrated care as possible, whether they currently use the Better Care Exchange or not.

As part of this work, four regional telephone focus groups have been set up aimed at integrated care leads working in local areas. Dates by region are as follows:

Region                                  Date                      Time

North                                    7 June                   16:00 – 17:00

South                                   7 June                   14:30 – 15:30

Midlands & East                     9 June                   14:30 – 15:30

London                                 9 June                   16:00 – 17:00


We would really like to hear from you at one of these sessions – to book a place please get in touch with


Other ways to let us know your views:

  • Please take 10 minutes to complete the online survey:
  • Get in touch if you would prefer to take part in a short 1-1 telephone interview
  • Want to help us organise a workshop in your area? Please let us know.


Your input really is valued and will help to shape our future online support offer – so please do get in touch.


BCE – latest uploads 

Don’t forget to check out the latest updates and resources on the Better Care Exchange (BCE), some of the latest of which include:

Neil Calland advising that The Local Digital Roadmap team has published a link to an example diagram illustrating an approach to information sharing, which is one of the key Local Digital Roadmap 'asks'.

Lisa Alderton reporting that Devon CCG has been awarded investment under the Primary Care Transformation Fund, to develop a scope and vision for interoperability across the whole health and social care system including 320 GP practices.  A synopsis of their work has also been uploaded. Lisa also signposts to a new South Region: "Connected Care" case study for interoperability by the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit.

Paul Smith talking about evidence on positive outcomes achieved for carers by use of home adaptations, including use of the Disabled Facilities Grant.

To read these and more, go online and log in to:



Anthony Kealy

BCF Programme Director