28 September 2018

Introduction & Summary

1. The Association of Directors of Adults Social Services (ADASS) welcomes the opportunity to make this representation for the 2018 Autumn Budget preparations. 

2. Social care provides care, support, and safeguards for those people in our communities who have the highest level of need and for their carers. Social care has value in its own right in transforming lives as well as being critical for the sustainability of the NHS.

3. Nearly two million people rely on these essential services and around 6.5 million carers support people alongside and beyond the formal social care sector. However, it should be noted that the number of people in receipt of state funded care has fallen significantly since the beginning of the decade as a result of reductions in government funding, demographic pressures, increasing complexity of need and a requirement to increase wages in line with the National Minimum and Living Wages. This has left approximately 1.4m people with unmet care needs and many more with under met care needs. This causes both distress, and in many instances, precipitation into crisis. Hospital attendances and admissions were significantly increased last year.

4. The value of adult social care to the economy should not be underestimated. The total direct, indirect and induced value of the adult social care sector in the UK is estimated to be a £46.2 billion contribution to the national economy and 2.6m jobs. It is detrimental to both the economy and for the health and wellbeing of individuals to have to give up employment to provide care because it cannot be provided otherwise.

5. For these reasons we feel that adult social care must be treated as a national priority.

6. This representation predominantly focuses on identifying short-term pressures facing adult social care and offering constructive and evidenced based solutions to Government to counter these. We will provide an in-depth response on the medium to long-term issues facing the sector through the consultation that will accompany the government’s forthcoming Green Paper for Care and Support for Older People.

Please see below for the full submission.