“Social care stands side by side with individuals and communities who are most excluded.  It is so much more than just personal care.”

In her speech to the National Children and Adults Services Conference (NCASC) in Bournemouth today, Julie Ogley tells delegates that there’s a burning sense of injustice because successive Governments have failed to act leaving adult social care reform stuck in the long-grass. 

Julie Ogley also spoke about the impact austerity is still having on those of us who need care and support. Since 2010, there have been savings of £7.7billion made in adult social care, and as a result there has been a drastic retraction in the range and capacity of services, and number of people that can be supported.  

“Many of us get great care and support to live good lives and die good deaths. Many of us have direct experience right now. Too many of us struggle without, or without enough help” said Julie Ogley, President of Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)

Let’s continue our determined efforts to make sure 2020 is the year that we finally see real and long-lasting change. 


Notes to Editors

In the run up to the General Election, ADASS has set out in a statement what we believe adult social care needs from the next Government to ensure that we all have the care and support we need, when we need it most:

  1. Certainty about funding - setting out at the earliest opportunity what money will be available over the course of the whole of the next Parliament to ensure that those of us who need social care get the support we need to live our lives as we want to live them.
  2. Long-term reform - that enables us to build care and support for the millions of us who need it and create an enabling social care system that is truly fit for the twenty-first century
  3. long-term plan for adult social care – that sets out how social care links with other public services and supports resilient individuals, families and communities.