Adult social care departments are frequently asked to take part in surveys, data collection and research. ADASS wishes to ensure that the potential benefits from the work outweighs the time and effort involved and that the topics best reflect the main concerns of now and the future before any work commences.

If you want to involve four or more social services departments in your project you should submit an application to the ADASS office for an appraisal. This process replaces (and broadens) the previous process of research approval through the former ADASS Research Group.

Completing the Application Form

The application form is available to download below as either a MS Word document or PDF. Your completed form can be emailed as an attachment and your email address will be taken as your signature.

Forms should be returned electronically, along with your research proposal and supporting materials including ethical approvals, research tools, participation and consent letters to:

Process and Fees

ADASS will review the suitability of a survey, data request or research project that the application relates to and submit it to the ADASS Executive Council for approval.  If the application is straightforward and appropriate, it will be submitted for approval at the next Executive Council meeting free of charge. If the application is obviously inappropriate then the applicant will be informed of this.

In some cases, the Chief Officer will refer applications for a more detailed peer appraisal of methodology by a panel of researchers before the application can be considered by the ADASS Executive Council. A fee will become applicable for this service. The amount charged depends on the size and cost of the project.  The fees are:

Project cost



Total Amount

under £5,000




£5,000 - £20,000




£20,000 - £100,000




£100,000 - £500,000








Applicants are charged a fee irrespective of the outcome of their application. ADASS reserves the right to waive the fee where a suitable reason is given (for example, bona fide research students who are not getting a grant to carry out the research).

If your research is referred to the reviewing panel, the ADASS team will invoice you for the appropriate cost, payable by cheque to the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services.

What happens next?

On receipt of your application form the ADASS team will review your application using the process outlined above and set out in this flowchart.

You will be advised if and when your application will be considered by ADASS Executive Council or if further review is required (fee applicable).


To ensure your application goes before the next executive council it must be submitted 5 weeks prior to the meeting date.

Dates of upcoming Executive Council Meetings:




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3 November 2016

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30 December 2016

8 May 2017

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2 November 2017


Details of ADASS Executive Council decisions can be found here.