Andrew’s Blog - 29 May 2015

Andrew Webster

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks and that you enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend.

The weekly integration catchup yesterday was a quick one because many people are away on leave. But it still managed to cover the Future of Health and Wellbeing Boards document, the support offer for the Better Care Fund, evaluation of the programme and the Queen’s Speech. 

Alyson Morley reported that the Future of the Health and Wellbeing Boards document is nearly complete and that it will be launched at our Annual Conference at the end of June. She is currently working on what our support offer will look like – especially with regard to helping boards being more ambitious.

The LGA is exploring the option of co-designing, with partners, a peer implementation support offer for the Better Care Fund team. Tom Shakespeare is leading on this.

We are also considering programme-wide evaluation and are working with our Research Team to scope this.

The Queen’s speech on Wednesday had nothing substantial in it for health and social care. However, a full ‘On the Day Briefing’ is available to read on the LGA website. It gives a breakdown for what each new Bill will mean to local government. Our focus now will look towards the new Budget, scheduled for 8 July, followed by a likely spending review in the autumn.  

Pauline compiles the Care and Support Reform bulletin that goes out each month to leaders and professionals of local health and care systems. She also produces a digest of information specific to care providers – highlighting the products that they most need to support them in implementing the Care Act reforms. 


Pauline chairs the monthly communications meeting of the implementation product providers and is responsible for evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of implementation communications.

Pauline’s role has recently expanded beyond the Care Act to include the whole Care and Health Improvement Programme. She is now responsible for planning communications and disseminating key messages and information to local authorities and care providers in a succinct way across all the care and health programmes

Pauline is currently compiling a ‘forward plan’ which aims to capture all events, announcements and media opportunities relating to health and care. If you know of anything that is coming up and worth colleagues knowing about it, please inform Pauline so she can include it to the forward plan. The forward plan will soon be available on Sharepoint for anyone within the team to view.   

Finally, a few people have asked for a copy of our team structure so I’ve attached it to this week’s blog. I hope you find it useful, especially in continuing to build those good working relationships with each other.