Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a good week. With the post-election period continuing, it feels that our work is starting to return to some normality. There are still many ministerial briefings to take place and decisions to be made – but the likelihood is these can now proceed quicker than we originally expected and so we must crack on with the job in-hand.

I was pleased to see that Jeremy Hunt, the re-appointed Secretary of State for Health, wrote a message to frontline health and social care staff earlier in the week, giving a clear indication of where his priority lies. In his message he said:

“My biggest priority now is to transform care outside hospitals - just as we have dramatically improved the quality of care inside hospitals in the last few years. All of us want every single older and vulnerable person to be treated with the highest standards of care - so we need a step change in services offered through GP surgeries, community care and social care. That is my mission, and I know it is the mission of the whole NHS too.”

(A full version is available at .Gov.uk)

Our weekly catchup yesterday covered the future of health and wellbeing boards document being produced by Alyson Morley which is due to be launched at our annual conference in June, an update from Tom Shakespeare on the Better Care Fund Programme and ideas on how we, in the Care and Health Improvement Programme Team, can improve communication among ourselves. One point that came from that was the idea of sharing with colleagues when we’re attending events or have important meetings coming up that others, in our area of work, may like to know about. If you do – please pass on the details to pauline.rootsey@local.gov.uk and she’ll make sure they get a mention in future blogs.

This week I’m pleased to be introducing Billie Jeyes from the Communications Team. She is the ‘go-to’ person for anything on the Care and support reform, Health and wellbeing systems, Integration and the Better Care Fund and Transforming Care pages of the website. Billie set up and populated the Care and Support Reform part of the website in October last year and she’s been kept really busy with putting all the new implementation resources and products online, as they’ve become available. This area of the website has remained the most used since its launch.


Billie's colleagues in the Digital Team are currently doing a content audit of the website. So if you see or know of any out-of-date or obsolete pages, please let her know, and she will either update, delete or archive them for you. It’s worth noting that she's able to produce stats on the website usage, so if you ever need to monitor how many hits a page has had all you need to do is ask her! Last and by no means least, Billie produces the Health and Wellbeing bulletin and the Health, adult and social care and ageing bulletin. If you have any relevant stories, events or publications for them - please send them to her.

Finally, I’ve been asked to mention that Think Local Act Personal are currently recruiting for an experienced professional to help shape and manage their contribution to the new Integrated Personal Commissioning Delivery (IPC) Programme run by NHS England. If you or one of your colleagues is interested in this role, more details are available here.

Wishing you a good week ahead,

Andrew Webster, Grant Funded Health Programmes