Hello again everyone,

You’ll have heard I hope that Mark Lloyd has been appointed our new Chief Executive at LGA, so with Sarah Pickup already confirmed as his Deputy the new top team will soon be in place.

As soon as we know when Mark is starting we’ll make sure he has a chance to learn about and get involved in the care and health improvement work.

The LGA met with Department of Health officials this week to review the first quarter's operation of the Care and Health Improvement Programme Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

They were very pleased with the delivery of the MoU, particularly given the uncertainty that surrounded part two of the Care Act and the fact that key decisions have yet to be made on the future of the Better Care Fund.

The discussion focused on the likely direction of the programme over the course of the year and also gave us an opportunity to have some early thoughts on possible revisions to our peer challenge approach.

DH also used the meeting to set out its priorities as part of its Single Departmental Plan, they are:

  1. Out of hospital care (including social care)
  2. Delivery and performance
  3. Quality of care
  4. Efficiency
  5. Public health

We have also started updating our pages on the LGA website. For many it’s a first port of call - so we need to keep it up to date and relevant.

The changes are designed to make sure that the information is accurate, easy to find, customer focused and that all areas of the programme have web presence.

A CHIP Programme page and Informatics pages are being uploaded and we’ll be working with advisers to update the other pages over the coming weeks.

On Tuesday, the LGA – with ADASS and NHS England – published a draft version of a service model http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/ld-draft-serv-mod.pdf for commissioners across health and care as part of the Transforming Care work programme.

The draft model sets out to provide clarity on ‘what good looks like’ for health, social care and housing services for people with a learning disability and / or autism and a mental illness or behaviour that challenges.

It has been developed with input from a wide range of stakeholders including providers, commissioners across health and social care, the third sector, individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism and their families.

Over the next month or so the model will be tested by Five Fast Track areas and wider feedback is being sought (until 4 September), particularly from those who commission, provide or use learning disability services. The aim is for a final service model to be published in the autumn.

This week I’m using my blog to introduce Shane Hayward-Giles.

Shane has joined us on secondment from Doncaster Council where as an Assistant Director in Adult Social Care he was responsible for commissioning and transformation, and led Doncaster’s successful Better Care Fund (BCF) programme.

Prior to Doncaster, Shane worked in DH for 10 years on areas including integration and carers.  Shane previously worked in London’s east end in a variety of social and health care roles. He is taking up the new post of Assistant Director for Care and Health Integration and will lead the LGA’s work on the delivery and development of the Better Care Fund (BCF).


In the next few weeks Shane will review the experience of local government colleagues in implementing the BCF to understand the benefits and issues of delivery. 

Shane can be contacted on shane.hayward-giles@local.gov.uk, 07795 842483, @SHaywardGiles


I’m off to Scotland for two and half weeks now, so you’ll be spared the blog for that time, as I enjoy the wilderness, all kinds of weather, fighting the midges and a dram or two. Enjoy August whether you’re home or away.