Andrew’s Blog – 12 June 2015


Hello again everyone,

This week I have been out and about a lot. I spent Monday with the integration pioneer teams in Manchester, Leeds and NW London hearing about their plans and links to devolution. On Thursday I was at the LGC HSJ Integration summit, working through the changes that will deliver better care in the next five years and today (Friday) I am at the L&Q Housing Commissioners and Providers Conference in London.

At the weekly integration catchup yesterday we discussed the Spending Review, devolution, Transforming Care and the pilot taking place of a risk awareness tool.

You probably heard that last week the Chancellor announced a £200m reduction to the 2015/16 Public Health grant. Needless to say, this has raised concerns within local authorities not least on the repercussions to prevention services under the Care Act. 

Work on the spending review continues but our main wishes at the moment are to secure more money for social care, secure more money for transformation and to create a bigger Better Care Fund.

The subject of health devolution continues to rumble away. Alyson Morley is in contact with Greater Manchester to see how we can work together to provide support to other areas considering health devolution. She is also leading on organising a Health and Social Care Devolution sub-plenary session at NCASC – in October. 

Sarah Mitchell has had a busy week in light of last week’s launch of Five Fast Track areas. Organisations across health and care in these five areas are to benefit from additional technical support from NHS England and have access to a £10 million transformation fund, to accelerate change for people with a learning disability and/or autism. We are looking at how we help the Department of Health with the Transforming Care work stream, and what the long term financial implications of it will mean to local authorities.

Sarah also updated us at the catchup on the risk assessment tool she has been involved in developing for Directors of Adult Social Services. 18 councils (two per region) are piloting the tool between now and August. Its key function is to identify risks, mitigate against them and encourage conversations with different layers of the organisations using it. It will be further tweaked in September and be ready for launch at NCASC in October.

 Raj Khera

This week I’m using my blog to introduce you to Raj Khera – the lady who keeps me organised!

Raj is the programme support officer for all things related to the Better Care Fund and Integration, as well as being the keeper of my diary.  In essence she is the person who really knows what I should be doing and where, and does a great job of keeping me in the right place, at the right time, with the right briefing - which I find invaluable.

For any diary related issues or if you are on the lookout for me, Raj should be your first port of call (she usually knows my where-abouts 99.99% of the time)!

In addition to looking after me, she provides support to the Health Transformation Task Group (HTTG) and keeps an up to date list of all our regional representatives. So if you need information on any of this, please get in touch with her.