Message from John Powell, ADASS End of Life Policy Lead:

Dear colleagues,

Within my ADASS policy lead role for End of Life Care I have been working with colleagues across health and social care, and statutory and voluntary sector, to develop the Ambitions for End of Life Care. This Partnership work has been led by Dr Bee Wee, National Clinical Director for End of Life Care, NHS England.  This is a five year vision and is designed to be in the form of a high level framework which can be used to guide and support local action. The Partnership now need to carry out a ‘sense-checking’ exercise and I would be grateful if you would take a little time to have a read of the Introductory note and the slide-deck.   There is an option to complete the survey monkey and I would encourage you to do this from a local perspective.  If you have any comments that you would like me to submit in my ADASS role then please email me on