ADASS and the LGA have produced an advice note for Directors of Adult Social Services relating to the commissioning of out of area care and support.

This advice note was written following a number of recent high profile cases, including the safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) into Mendip House (provision for people with autism), which have highlighted common issues relating to the quality of care and support for individuals who are out of area; this includes practices relating to the quality and frequency of reviews/support planning and care management, inadequate quality assurance and oversight of the service being delivered and, when safeguarding concerns arise, a lack of information available about individuals that have been placed in a (host) local authority area by other authorities.

Whilst it is acknowledged that some of this is not easy in the context of resource constraints, this advice note seeks to set out a number of steps that local authorities should take when they are responsible for people they are placing out of their area, and in considering the use of provision that is another local authority area.  

The full note can be read below: