Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) Refresh Project


In late 2019 the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) was commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to undertake a project to explore potential revisions to the existing Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF) to ensure that the framework offers a vehicle for providing the ‘right narrative’ for adult social care, and which better reflects how it is meeting changes in national and local policy and its statutory responsibilities defined in the Care Act (2014).


The Institute for Public Care (IPC) were appointed to undertake the first phase of this work on behalf of ADASS in 2019/20.
The output of this work was that two reports were produced the first on Reviewing the Current ASCOF, the second exploring the options for developing the right 'performance narrative' for Adult Social Care
Two recommendations were included in the second report:


  1. To refresh of the current framework with reference to the suggestions and comments gathered through the engagement and survey activity;
  2. Explore an alternative ASCOF


The second recommendation was taken forward as the preferred option by both ADASS and DHSC. As a result, a second part to the project has now been commissioned, with ADASS again partnering with IPC to deliver the work on behalf of DHSC. The focus of this phase will be to further refine the initial tranche of indicators identified to form a revised ASCOF through a brief engagement process with ADASS and other key stakeholders.


This second phase of work will run from November 2020 until February 2021.