Please see the ADASS position statement on matters to be considered when local authority adult social care, as DoLS Supervisory Bodies, are requested to offer practice opportunities to NHS or children’s services colleagues who wish to train and work as BIAs under the DoLS scheme.


The draft AMCP Regulations (The Mental Capacity (Deprivation of Liberty: Training and Approval as an Approved Mental Capacity Professional) (England) Regulations), published in March 2022, require Best Interest Assessors (BIAs) to have practised for at least one year, in order to access the BIA to AMCP conversion course. For people who do not meet the criteria for entry to the conversion course, training will be via university-level AMCP courses, to be accredited by Social Work England. The Government have funded the development of the conversion training course, which they expect to make available to councils for delivery to BIAs before the start of the Liberty Protection Safeguards.