ADASS welcomes the establishment of the National Covid-19 Social Care Support Taskforce. James Bullion, ADASS President said:
‘David Pearson brings a wealth of understanding and commitment to adult social care. We look forward to working with the task force to protect people, take action to bring families back together safely, and ensure that local care providers and local councils have the resources and support they need to beat the virus and then keep it at bay’.

ADASS calls on the taskforce to work together on the following:

  1. Putting those of us with care and support needs, our families and carers at the heart of all thinking, plans and initiatives;

  2. Prioritising actions that focus on those of us with care and support needs, including working age disabled people, older people, our families and carers;

  3. Protecting the health and well-being of carers, including those who have taken on caring responsibilities during the lockdown;

  4. Focusing on all social care settings including care in people’s homes, care homes, community settings, and by personal assistants;

  5. Guaranteeing that testing is an ongoing reality for those of us with care and support needs, carers, providers and councils;

  6. Determining what protection is needed for people living with dementia, or those who are deprived of their liberty, so that we can monitor the safety and safeguarding of people and minimise restraint and isolation;

  7. Continuing hospital discharges (Discharge to Assess) in a sustainable, funded way, with increased investment in reablement and using the ‘home first’ principles (and by so doing abolish Delayed Transfers of care - DTOC);

  8. Planning for and managing further outbreaks well, so that we save lives, act ethically and prioritise those of us with care and support needs;

  9. Bringing families together by easing lockdown for those of us with care and support needs in a safe way, including those of us who are currently shielded;

  10. Supporting activity to meet the recruitment targets to increase the capacity of social care;

  11. Securing additional funding to sustain providers and ensure stability for local authorities;

  12. Addressing unmet and unknown needs for care and support that will emerge as lockdown restrictions ease, including domestic abuse, continued support for rough sleepers and support for those of us with mental health conditions and/or addictions;

  13. Monitoring non-Covid-19 related excess deaths and ensure transparency;

  14. Protecting those groups and communities that have been unequally hit by Covid-19 (people from BAME communities, older people, those of us with learning disabilities and autism, those of us from poorer communities, people at the end of their lives, those in nursing homes, our overwhelmingly mainly female workforce) to ensure that they are not hit again as we ease the lockdown with a view to prioritising the freedom of others and to benefit the economy;

  15. Supporting those of us with care and support needs to re-establish support and re-establish all aspects of our lives;

  16. Making the protection of adult social care and the vital support it gives to those of us in the most vulnerable circumstances the Government’s number one priority, consideration and focus. 

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Note to editors

The Association of Directors of Adults Social Services is a charity.
Our objectives include:

  • Furthering comprehensive, equitable, social policies and plans which reflect and shape the economic and social environment of the time;
  • Furthering the interests of those who need social care services regardless of their backgrounds and status;
  • Promoting high standards of social care services.
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